Winter Skin Care with Veil Cover Cream

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Winter is great for a big warm jumper, a cup of hot chocolate and sitting by the fire. However, the reality of winter is much more like spending your days inside with high exposure to recycled dry air or venturing out to the cold icy wind. Both these climate conditions can cause your skin to become very dry and blemished. Keeping your skin clean moist and healthy is made even more difficult when applying makeup or if you are trying to cover skin conditions such as rosacea, birthmarks or even tattoos.

So a good skin care routine in winter is highly recommended. The best way to make sure your skin isn’t overly dry is to use a product that gives you high coverage but only using a minimal amount of product. This is exactly what Veil Cover Cream is all about. Veil Cover Cream is so much more than just make up, it’s a high coverage cover-up, concealer and full coverage foundation designed to cover skin conditions and tattoos. Read more about our Tattoo Camouflage Kit.

Winter skin care with Veil Cover Cream  

Tailoring your winter skin care routine to the weather might seem like an extreme measure but it’s essential to maintain a clean fresh look even in the colder months. As well as dry skin you may also notice a change in your skin tone over the colder months. As your skin’s exposure to the sun is decreased and the natural tan gained from sun exposure fades. Switching to a lighter shade or slightly altering your makeup tone is key to the perfect colour match. Mix together various shades using any of our 3 colour palettes light, medium or dark. With up to 50% more pigment than makeup Veil Cover Cream it’s best used in small amounts. In fact one of the most common mistakes is to use too much product when applying. Using the spatula as a guide, one small scoop is enough to cover the entire area the same size as your palm. With 42 shades available finding your perfect colour match is easy and we recommend trying different combinations for your winter skin care routine. 

Get results with Veil Cover Cream

Get the best results with Veil Cover Cream and complete your winter skin care routine by having a flawless finish with our Finishing Powder. Just dab lightly over the applied coverage to seal the product and leave your makeup look shine free. 

Try our Sample Kit today and find your perfect colour match. You will also receive a Discount Code to the value of $9.99 for each Kit bought, which can be used to purchase any full sized product.

Veil Cover Cream is one of beauty’s best kept secret with model and make up artists using our versatile product. Join them in trying Veil Cover Cream with one of our great Sample Kits and tailor your skin care routine for the winter months! 

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