How to cover up melasma and redness

How to Cover up Melasma and Redness


If you suffer from troublesome skin conditions such as melasma and redness (or rosacea), you’ll know all too well just how difficult they can be to treat. They can cause embarrassment and undermine your confidence, and finding an effective and long-lasting solution to disguise them is easier said than done.

While regular foundations can help to minimise the appearance of problem skin, most are less than effective at achieving a flawless complexion that’s free from imperfections—but we have the solution.

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A bit about these common skin conditions

While melasma and rosacea are both common skin conditions, they each present very differently.

Melasma is characterised by grey or brown patches of discolouration on the skin and is usually triggered by sun exposure or hormonal changes (it is most prevalent among women and pregnant women in particular).

In contrast, rosacea can cause redness and flushing (that looks somewhat like sunburn), small visible blood vessels or even bumps and pimples on the skins’ surface. While the triggers of rosacea can vary, some common ones include sun exposure, stress, alcohol or certain foods or medications.

While neither of the conditions can be easily treated, there is an easy and effective way to hide the symptoms of both melasma and rosacea.

The easy way to cover up melasma and redness

While melasma and rosacea present in two completely different ways, their symptoms can be easily disguised using the same simple solution—Veil Cover Cream.

Containing up to 50% more pigment than other cover cream products, the beauty of Veil Cover Cream is that you won’t need to use as much of the product to achieve a great result.

Specially formulated to disguise redness and discolouration using only the purest ingredients, Veil Cover Cream is ideal for sensitive skin. With more than 40 shades to choose from, it can be colour-matched to suit every type of skin and it also contains sunscreen to further protect sensitive skin.

Applying Veil Cover Cream is easy:

  1. Simply select your chosen shade and apply it to the skin starting from the nose and cheek areas and blending outwards. Apply a little extra onto individual spots or problem areas.
  2. If you want a smudge-proof, waterproof result that lasts up to 24-hours, use the Veil Cover Cream in conjunction with the Veil Finishing Powder. Using a dry cotton pad, apply the Veil Finishing Powder to the same area you applied the Veil Cover Cream using a rolling action.
  3. If any spots or discolouration is still visible, simply repeat the process focusing on any problem areas. When covering exceptionally dark marks, it may help to apply the white shade of Veil Cover Cream first and set with powder before applying your chosen shade.

Our sample kits are a great way to try out the Veil Cover Cream solution for yourself—let us know if you have a light, medium or dark skin tone, and we’ll send you a colour matching sample kit with 10 colours in a blister packet along with a sample of each of our pharmaceutical grade Finishing Powders so you can find the perfect shade for your skin.

Once you’ve tried Veil Cover Cream to cover up your melasma or redness we know you won’t look back!

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