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  • The OTs and Physios from the Royal North Shore Hospital, Concord Hospital and Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney were trained recently on the use of Veil Cream on burns patients. A number of burns patients were able to participate. Veil once again proved easy to match colour and use with great results!

  • Veil Cover Cream with Comparison Photos

    This isn”t the first time that I”ve blogged about Veil”s Cover Cream*, I mentioned it in my “Skin Saviours” post earlier this month. Back then, I promised I would do a full review on it and today, that’s exactly what I”m going to be doing. I”ve been using this for over a month now and I”ve fallen in love with it. Full coverage, cover creams are some of my favourite “foundations” as they cover absolutely everything. I also find that they don”t cake on the skin.

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  • An informative review of our Veil Cover Cream.

    Remember back in September when I posted that awful make up free picture of myself? And then an after shot of me looking less flawed? I asked if you beauties wanted a full review of the stuff that did an amazing job of covering my blemishes and most of you wanted to hear my thoughts, p> so here they are…

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  • Veil Cover Cream Tattoo Camouflage Kit Review

    I was recently sent the Tattoo Camouflage Kit from the people at Veil Cover Cream to try out. I haven’t had much luck with super pigmented concealers because a lot of the time i find them really thick and cakey but i didn’t find that with Veil yes it is pigmented but it isn’t cakey…

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  • Today I wanted to share a brand called Veil Cover Cream.

    I have their sample kit in light/medium that I have been using and trying out. It also comes in medium/dark. The kit comes with quite a lot of samples in all different shades. It did take a while to figure out my shade after going through many of the samples but I got there! It also came with some translucent powder which was quite good too.

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  • I had a nice surprise this morning when this landed on my doorstep.

    Its the Veil Cover Cream sample I got for free by filling out a survey a while back. I was expecting a tiny sachet of a “natural” too dark for me shade but instead I was amazed by the sample kit that arrived, including a massive 20 shades along with a little pot of Transluscent setting powder!

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