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  • The OTs and Physios from the Royal North Shore Hospital, Brisbane Women’s Hospital, Concord Hospital and Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney were trained recently on the use of Veil Cream on burns patients. A number of burns patients were able to participate.┬áThese hospitals recommend the use of Veil Cream to help patients conceal scars. Veil once again proved easy to match colour and use with great results!

  • Veil Cover Cream with Comparison Photos

    This isn”t the first time that I”ve blogged about Veil”s Cover Cream*, I mentioned it in my “Skin Saviours” post earlier this month. Back then, I promised I would do a full review on it and today, that’s exactly what I”m going to be doing. I”ve been using this for over a month now and I”ve fallen in love with it. Full coverage, cover creams are some of my favourite “foundations” as they cover absolutely everything. I also find that they don”t cake on the skin.

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  • An informative review of our Veil Cover Cream.

    Remember back in September when I posted that awful make up free picture of myself? And then an after shot of me looking less flawed? I asked if you beauties wanted a full review of the stuff that did an amazing job of covering my blemishes and most of you wanted to hear my thoughts, p> so here they are…

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  • Veil Cover Cream Tattoo Camouflage Kit Review

    I was recently sent the Tattoo Camouflage Kit from the people at Veil Cover Cream to try out. I haven’t had much luck with super pigmented concealers because a lot of the time i find them really thick and cakey but i didn’t find that with Veil yes it is pigmented but it isn’t cakey…

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  • I had a nice surprise this morning when this landed on my doorstep.

    Its the Veil Cover Cream sample I got for free by filling out a survey a while back. I was expecting a tiny sachet of a “natural” too dark for me shade but instead I was amazed by the sample kit that arrived, including a massive 20 shades along with a little pot of Transluscent setting powder!

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