How To Cover Vitiligo with Veil Cover Cream

Find out how to cover up Vitiligo with our easy 4 step guide

Vitiligo is a skin condition which causes the skin to appear in white pale patches. This skin condition can affect any gender, age and ethnicity. Vitiligo has long term effects and occurs due to a lack on Melanin in the skin. Melanin is produced by cells called Melanocytes and this is what gives skin its colour and also protects the skin from the sun. The reason for the lack of melanin in the skin is unclear but Vitiligo has been linked to problems with the immune system and nerve endings. The condition varies from person to person and can affect a large or small portion on the skin on the face as well as the body.


At Veil, we know that skin conditions such as Vitiligo can affect confidence and lower self esteem. Concealing areas of the body affected by Vitiligo with Veil Cover Cream is a great way to cover any variants in skin tones. Due to the high coverage of our camouflage makeup product, Veil Cover Cream, Vitiligo can easily be covered. Any skin tone can be matched using our range of 42 shades and the white and pale patches can be covered and blended to match the rest of your natural skin tone. We understand that covering up Vitiligo can reverse the effects of low self esteem and quickly boost confidence. Here’s our quick and easy 4 Step Guide on How to Cover Vitiligo with Veil Cover Cream.

4 Step Guide on How to Cover Vitiligo with Veil Cover Cream

Step 1

Select your shade

Select your skin tone cover up easily with one of our Sample Kits. Available in 3 skin tones: light, medium and dark, each sample kit contains 10 shades and this the best way to determine the best colour to match your natural skin tone (not the white pale patches on the skin) before purchasing  Veil Cover Cream.  


Step 2

Clean skin

Before testing or applying the Veil products be sure to clean your skin with Veil Cleansing Cream and Veil Toning Lotion. Both allergy and perfume free, the cleansing cream removes all dirt and the toner will take away any excess oil from the skin. Clean oil free skin allows any product applied to appear even and without the need to layer unnecessarily.


Step 3


Using the pre selected tone from our range of 42 colours. Apply Veil Cover Cream in light layers to get the best even results. Avoid cakey and heavy coverage by using a gradual application which will also give a natural finish. Be sure to blend the product over the white and pale skin tones resulting from the Vitiligo.


Step 4


The final step is to apply the Veil Finishing Powder by lightly dusting the powder over any areas of the body where Veil Cover Cream has been applied. By doing this you set your cream in place, eliminate shine and give the make up a waterproof finish.  While also ensuring maximum lasting power for your cover up.


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