How to use Veil Cover Cream

Veil is easy to use because it has a soft texture and spreads well.

Veil should always be applied to clean, dry skin. For best results please follow the routine below:

  1. Cleanse the skin using a good cleanser such as Veil Cleansing Cream.
  2. Preferably remove any remaining oil from the skin by using a good toner such as Veil Toning Lotion.
  3. Apply Veil Cover Cream thinly over the blemish with your fingertips using a patting motion, do not rub in or you can use a cosmetic sponge and blend the edges on to the natural skin. Alternatively you can use Veil Cover Cream as an all-over foundation..
  4. The last and vital step is to set with Veil Finishing Powder which not only completes the waterproofing but also makes Veil virtually smudgeproof. Apply the Finishing Powder liberally and press in gently using a dry cotton wool pad or powder puff. Remove any excess Finishing Powder by dabbing with a dampened cotton wool pad.

Your blemish will now be fully camouflaged. Like all new techniques you may need a couple of attempts to perfect the process but you can be reassured that there are hundreds of thousands of people all of whom are successfully covering blemishes with Veil products.

How to use Veil Cover Cream

We have a number of instructional and education videos for you to learn about our products.

How to remove Veil Cover Cream

Use a top quality cleansing cream such as Veil Cleansing Cream which is specially formulated to remove Veil and other make-up gently and easily and will leave your skin feeling ultra clean.

Helpful Hints…

  1. Veil is waterproof so you will be able to swim knowing the coverage will remain. But pat yourself dry rather than rub.
  2. Cover occasional blemishes with Veil. Then follow with a water-based foundation. The foundation may be applied lightly over the already powdered Veil without disturbing it.
  3. If you are applying blushers or eye shadows on top of Veil, always use the powder variety. A cream could disturb Veil.
  4. Lipstick – for a longer lasting effect, apply Veil thinly to the lips, set with Veil Finishing Powder, then apply lipstick on top. Blot gently, and lipstick should last for hours longer.
  5. Touch-ups and repairs. There will be times when a touch-up or repair is needed, such as after a long, hot day or strenuous exercise. Usually the first areas to shine are the forehead and the sides of the nose. Assuming the Veil has not been disturbed, apply new Veil Finishing Powder gently to take away the shine. If the Veil has been disturbed, apply new Veil gently and powder.
  6. Veil should always be applied to clean, dry, oil-free skin. If you wish to use a moisturiser, we suggest you do so at night. Next morning be sure to cleanse and tone thoroughly before applying Veil .
  7. When covering exceptionally dark marks, it may be helpful to apply the white shade first. Set with powder then gently apply the chosen shade.
  8. During summer you may require a darker shade to match a suntan.

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