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Don't forget to order your Finishing Powder too!

Applying Veil Cover Cream is a simple two-step process. Firstly choose the shade which matches your natural skin colour. If you are unsure of the colour you need, see the Sample Packs on our website for details of how you can pick your perfect match. Our cover cream is the most effective camouflage concealer you can buy. Apply to freshly cleansed and toned skin for best results. Once applied,  fix with our Finishing Powder. This will give your cover a smudg-proof, waterproof and durable finish that will last 24hrs. Veil Cover Cream is also SPF 15.

What our customers say...

I tested out the sample kit on the tattoo on my leg and it worked wonders!

- Samantha

Hi just wanted to say I received a sample from you guys, i have very bad acne and scarring on my face and also a big scar on my middle back... i am really looking forward to my holiday next month as i wont be self conscious on the beach! i will be putting in an order on payday! thankyou for making something that actually works!!!

- Jane

I just want to say thank you for your wonderful product (cover cream). I have lived with facial scaring since I was 11, am 26 now, and have always been embarrassed by my scars and treated differently because of them, not by everyone, but I have learned over the years how difficult it is to fit in to a predominately shallow society. This is my second day to use your product, I had the sample pack sent out and have since ordered the correct colors. I have to say it is amazing!! I am not wearing make up just the cream and I look normal so thank you! I have just trained as a makeup artist and nothing compares to your product. Thank you again for that. I cant describe how it feels to look in the mirror at my face, not caked on with make up that only kinda does the job, and see my face clearer than it has ever been. This gives me more confidence than I can put in words, so thank you.

- Nicole

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