Camouflaging Scars

In a world obsessed with “beauty” and appearance, any deviation from its ideal can have long lasting psychological damage. It’s not just a problem that women suffer from, men and children also suffer….often in silence.

A person with scars will experience a myriad of emotions. From insecurity and fear to worry about their appearance, anger as to how/why it happened, pain, guilt, disgust and sadness.

These combined can lead to depression, as these people often avoid social situations where they feel their scar(s) is exposed.

What can be done?

  1. Medication & physiotherapy where the scarring can be minimised.
  2. Tattooing: This is usually an option long after the scar has healed. It is expensive and painful. If not done correctly, difficult to undo. Depending on the colour and texture of the scar, this may not be an option or difficult to perform.
  3. Camouflage: This method is non-invasive and can be applied at will.

Camouflaging a Scar

  1. Using a camouflage cream will not change the size or texture of a scar, however it will Camouflage it. So taking the focus away from the scar(s) and blending it into the healthy surrounding skin. If there is little healthy skin nearby, then giving the scarred area a healthier colour that will be much less noticeable. Have realistic expectations, your skin cannot look the way it did before. Camouflaging helps disguise the scar and make it less noticeable to other people.
  2. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you may need to have more than one colour that you use to camouflage your scar…. A winter colour & a summer colour.
  3. Psychological studies have shown that a person’s self-confidence increases when their appearance and body image is improved. The less visible a scar is, the easier it is to live with.

How to start Camouflaging? – By using VEIL Cover Cream

You do not need to buy special brushes & makeup tools to use Veil Cream. What you will need is; a method to apply Veil Cream, such as a makeup sponge, makeup brush or your fingers and a powder brush or fluffy cotton rounds for the finishing powder. Your favourite moisturiser, toner & cleanser are perfectly fine. These are all things that are easily bought from the supermarket….you probably already have them in your makeup kit and for the men; these items are not obviously makeup items.

How to start Camouflaging

  1. Order a Veil Sample Kit. There are 3 to choose from, giving a total of 40 colours.With 42 shades available to buy, we can help you ensure a perfect colour match for all complexions with our sample kits.You will receive 10 colours in a blister packet, along with a sample of each of our pharmaceutical grade Finishing Powders (Translucent for light/medium skin tones and Dusk for medium/dark skin tones), as well as a small spatula.

Remember to use a small amount, as Veil has 50% more pigment than other creams. So little is needed and slowly build up the amount of cream you use until you are happy with the coverage.

  1. The final and most important step is to finish off by fixing the cream with the Finishing Powder. This will set the cream & make it smudge proof & waterproof.

If you can still see the scar & it bothers you…create a diversion. For example if it is on your chin, highlight your eyes. The scar is on your forehead? Use a bold lipstick. This way you draw attention away from a negative area to a more positive one.

  • Veil Cream can be mixed with your favourite sunscreen and/or moisturiser.
  • You can use your favourite foundation on top of Veil Cream or mix Veil Cream with your foundation.
  1. Once you have chosen your shade, order your cover cream and powder:

Heather uses Veil Cover Cream. Read what Heather has to say about Veil, and then watch our video to see how to cover a scar here:


“For many years I had a basal cell carcinoma (a type of skin cancer) on my face. Most of this was growing under the surface of the skin so when it was removed some reconstructive surgery was needed. This left me with redness and a scar which I accepted as part of the successful outcome of the surgery and I did not hide it. However when I tried Veil it made such a difference that my confidence was lifted. I would really encourage other people to at least try Veil and see what it can do for them.”

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