Impressions of Veil Camouflage Makeup

“I tested out the sample kit on the tattoo on my leg and it worked wonders!” – Samantha

“Veil camouflage makeup works really well and gives you an overall coverage. It gives you alot more confidence to go out in public and you don’t have to worry about people staring at you in the streets.” – Liz

“After some time finding a match for my skin tone the makeup was applied and fixed. I was astonished by the result, the thread veins were completely covered. The beauty of Veil cover cream is that it can just be applied to the affected areas and blends in perfectly. The makeup is incredibly easy to apply and lasts all day. I wish I had discovered Veil before as its made a huge difference to me.” – Nic

“My feedback on Veil Cover Cream makeup is I had to fight off my son to use it. He suffers from eczema and at times his skin can be very red and itchy. Apart from that, Veil is extremely good and covered up everything it needed. My son was also impressed and would also use it if he could.” – Jessica

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