Did you know different colour correction concealers are used for different skin tones or skin conditions? Similar to hair dye, colour correction concealers come in a range of base colours to counteract various differing tones.

Our Demo Kit contains mauve, yellow and green concealers which are the 3 main base colours for corrective concealers.

Want to find out what they all do – read on!

These colours probably seem strange at first,  but they play a key role in reversing certain skin tones. Skin coloured tones that match exactly to your own skin might seem like a better choice for correcting unwanted tones, birthmarks or various conditions. But if used in the right way these colours can produce flawless results.

Colour Corrective Concealers 


Looking at a basic colour wheel purple and yellow are exactly opposite each other and this indicates that the two colours cancel each other out. For those people who have yellowish toned skin, bruising or suffer from the condition Xanthelasma, a mauve based concealer is fantastic for correcting these conditions. Lilac tones in cover up makeup can brighten a dull yellow skin tone or a deeper purple base will correct a darker yellow.


You might have already guessed that yellow skin tones can be corrected by a mauve or purple colour correction concealer. Conditions such as Portwine stain, under eye circles, prominent veins or purple/blue tones bruises are easily corrected by the counteracting base colour of a yellow concealer. Purple skin tones are common around the eye area but can occur anywhere on the body. Veil Cover Cream is waterproof, smudge proof and long lasting so it can be used anywhere on the body.


The third base colour is green which is opposite red on the colour wheel and is fantastic for correcting acne and Rosacea. People with a pale complexion also tend to favour green based concealers as redness is common around the nose area and can be easily corrected with a green based concealer.

Colour Wheel

Take care

When applying colour corrective concealer be sure to slowly build the level of coverage. Applying too much concealer can actually have the reverse effects of a counteraction. This can cause the skin to look dull, lifeless and unnatural. A slow build of colour correction is always advised to produce the best results. 

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