Are you looking for the best acne cover up product? Veil Cover Cream is one of the best acne cover up solutions as it’s both a waterproof concealer and full coverage foundation in one!

But first, let’s learn more about acne!

Acne is by no means a life threatening condition. But it can cause anxiety, bad moods and self consciousness for those who do suffer from acne. Choosing to conceal the redness, using make up products is often a prefered method, but finding a product with the a good colour match and right pigmentation can be difficult. Veil Cover Cream helps acne suffers gain confidence and feel great. Due to the the high coverage formula, which can easily be blended into the skin, results in reduced redness and produces a natural looking finish. Covering up acne is the best way to combat this skin condition. Veil Cover Cream is often considered one of the best products on the market to help improve the appearance of acne.

As acne is a very common skin condition it can affect a wide range of people. Not just teenagers! Acne causes red inflamed areas of the skin that result in soreness and oily patches. Usually affecting the face, acne can also be found on the back and the chest. Acne is caused by hair follicles in the skin becoming blocked due to the sebaceous gland producing too much sebrum. The purpose of this gland is to secrete oil, keeping the skin and hair lubricated and sebrum is the medical term for the oily substance produced. When this process occurs white heads and black heads develop and once bacteria contaminates the follicles this causes infection. Often an infection will result in painful pus filled pimples… which no one enjoys having!

The Best Acne Cover Up!

acne treatment

For teenagers, acne can be a common condition due to the increase of testosterone hormones. But acne is not just for teenagers and here’s why. The sebaceous gland is responsible for the development of acne as the gland is very sensitive to testosterone and produces more sebrum than the skin needs with an increase of testosterone. This hormonal change is often seen in teenagers but can carry on into adulthood as well. Acne can also be hereditary or result during pregnancy or during periods. The use of comedogenic products (products that block the pores and hair follicles) and certain medications also have the tendency to trigger the occurrence of acne.

Despite what most people believe, acne is not caused by eating chocolate and other oily foods and it isn’t caused by having dirty skin and bad hygiene. Also, it is absolutely not contagious! Any GP can easily diagnose acne just by looking at the affected area, but unfortunately there is no cure for acne.

But there are ways to control your acne: 

  1.  Avoid squeezing white heads, blacks heads or pimples as this can cause further infection and also scarring.
  2. Keep your skin clean by washing twice a day, but don’t go over the top and wash your face too much! Overwashing your face can cause the sebaceous gland to produce even more oil which can make acne even worse! 
  3. Ask your GP about any creams, lotions or medications that might be suitable to help treat your skin.
  4. Using a small amount of Veil Cover Cream for the best acne cover up to make you feel confident and lift you self esteem!

Regain your confidence and clear looking skin with Veil Cover Cream for the best acne cover up!


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