Veil Yellow Soft Paraffin


Ingredients: Yellow soft paraffin BP


Veil Yellow Soft Paraffin (100% British Pharmacopeia Grade) is an UNBLEACHED version of White soft paraffin commonly branded as Vaseline. Veils UNBLEACHED product is kinder to the environment and skin than the more commonly used Vaseline.
Yellow Soft Paraffin is recommended for moisturising of legs, hands, lips, eyelids and often used for cracked heals, dry feet, cold sores, minor burns/scalds and antifungal nail treatment.
Commonly used for the treatment and relief of haemorrhoids, piles and anal fissures
Runners often use for skin chafing and nipple burn. Yellow Soft Paraffin is also an effective and inexpensive solution to Tattoo Aftercare
Yellow Soft Paraffin is one of the most used ingredients in the manufacture of more expensive cream and ointment products

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10g, 60g

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