Makeup to Cover Scars

  • 40 colours to choose from
  • Veil cover cream can be used on the face and the body.
  • Natural looking because only a thin layer is required for superb coverage with a soft matte finish,
  • Has up to 50% more pigment than other creams so is more economical to use
  • Easy to apply & blend to create a better match for your skin
  • Unmatched spreadability for easy, smooth, non-chalky application
  • Longlasting-up to 12 hours when used in conjunction with our Finishing Powder
  • Areas can be touched up without having to remove existing covered areas & re-applying
  • Veil is waterproof and is made virtually smudgeproof by the application of the Finishing Powder, (gently pat or air dry the camouflaged area when it becomes wet as rubbing with a towel will remove the camouflage).
  • Can be mixed with most moisturisers
  • Can be used under your foundation or mixed with most  foundations
  • Contains sunblock to protect delicate and sensitive skin
  • Fragrance-free for allergy free use

How to use Veil Cream

  • Step 01: Buy the colour matching kit to determine your skin tone
  • Step 02: Follow up and purchase the Correct Cream Colour & Powder

Colour Matching kit

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Combo Pack

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Cover Cream

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