Christmas Party Tattoo Cover Up

Thinking about covering your tattoo for a Christmas party? We’ve got the solution to smudge proof tattoos for you and all your Christmas parties.

The silly season is upon us and we are here to get you and your unwanted tattoo through any kind of Christmas party! Avoid judgement from your family, friends and colleagues with Veil Tattoo Camouflage Kit.

If you’re concerned about your boss, your parents or conservative friends seeing your tattoo. Don’t! Tattoo cover up is here to help you through the Christmas season, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Enjoy the silly season and feel free to wear that outfit you’ve been eyeing off or have hidden away in the back of your wardrobe.

Having a tattoo doesn’t mean having to dress super boring or cover up from head to toe. Cover up your tattoo with Veil Tattoo Camouflage Kit and you’ll be dancing under the mistletoe this Christmas!

We’ll step you through the process using our bestselling Tattoo Camouflage Kit. Veil cover cream is smudge proof, water proof and our Tattoo cover up kit gives you 3 different shades, cleanser, toner, finishing powder, mini spatulas and cotton pads. All packed up into a convenient zip bag.

Guide to using our Tattoo Camouflage Kit


Before application be sure to clean the area you’re wanting to cover. Use our cleansing cream on the skin to ensure the area is clean and dry. Then lightly apply the toning lotion to remove any excess oil from the skin.


Apply the different cover cream shades (or mix them) to find your perfect skin match. Using a spatula take a small amount of cream and lightly dab over the skin. Pat the product on to the area. Do not rub!

Keep applying the product until you have a full coverage and blend the edges into the skin surrounding the tattoo.


Finally set the product using the finishing powder. Press on the powder with the cotton onto the skin, using a rocking and pressing motion. Do not rub!

Enjoy the silly season without feeling self-conscious using Veil Tattoo Camouflage Kit.

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