Under Eye Circles – 3 Myths Revealed

Looking for a way to conceal under eye circles? We’ve discovered 3 myths about under eye circles and how to combat dark bags for good!

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is up to 10 times thinner than the skin on the rest of your body? That means we need to make sure we pay extra attention to this sensitive area. There are so many myths about how to hide dark circles. Drinking lots of water, refrigerated eye gels and wearing a heavy duty sunscreen. We’ve heard them all! Despite making these kinds of lifestyle changes, there is no real cure for under eye circles, or dark circles. 

Here we expose 3 myths about under eye circles


1. Under Eye Circles are caused solely by lack of sleep – FALSE

Lack of sleep is often considered the only cause for under eye circles. But the truth is, under eye circles can often be hereditary or are the result of swollen blood vessels which don’t drain properly. Other factors including medical conditions or diet are also big contributors to the visibility of dark bags underneath your eyes.

2. Under Eye Circles can be improved by exposure to the sun – FALSE

Many people believe that sun exposure can improve the appearance of under eye circles. Vitamin D is great for strong bones muscles and overall health. However too much sun exposure can make your skin more prone to dark circles as well as other harmful effects, such as premature ageing. Let’s not forget about the increased risk of developing cancer from too much sun exposure. Sun protection creams and sunglasses are always recommended to maintain good eye and under eye skin health.

3. Under Eye Circles can be cured – FALSE

Although there are various solutions to reducing under eye circles there is no cure.

BUT, there is a solution!

If the appearance of your under eye circles is getting your down, don’t worry we have some good news. Veil Cover Cream has a range of products can that can help the appearance of under eye circles. We put some very tired Mum’s, students and morning people to the test and discovered some fantastic results with the Veil Cream and Powder Combo Pack . 

Not only does Veil Cover Cream act as the perfect concealer is also great for everyday wear. Our high coverage, long lasting concealer contains more pigment in comparison to the average concealer on the market. Which means that a little goes a long way!

So when it comes to concealing under eye circles, and a range of other skin imperfections, Veil Cover Cream has you… covered!

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