If you are looking at trying Veil Cover Cream for the first time, or maybe you already have but want to know how to get the best results then read on! We’ve compiled a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions for you to know the most important full coverage makeup FAQ’s.

We know that Veil Cover Cream is fantastic in long lasting and full coverage results. We strongly encourage you to try our product and see for yourself. But before you do, find out what other people want to know about coverage cream and how to get the best out of our best selling product.

  1. How do I apply Veil Cover Cream?

Veil Cover Cream is super easy to apply, but check out our tips for the best skin prep and how to make your product last longer.

  • CLEANSE – Thoroughly wash your face or part of the body you wish to apply the product to with Veil Cleansing Cream.
  • TONE – Don’t miss this step… it’s crucial! Oily skin can contribute to the Veil Cover Cream slipping and not being able to produce a full and even coverage. Veil Toning Lotion is made up of an effective combination of witch hazel and rosewater leaving the skin oil free. Pat dry your skin and do NOT apply moisturiser. *If you need to apply moisturiser at this stage make sure sure the lotion dries on your skin or is fully absorbed before applying Veil Cover Cream.
  • APPLY – Using a cosmetic sponge or your fingertips apply a thin layer of Veil Cover Cream to the desired area. Allow to dry and then apply additional layers as required. *For patchy coverage continue to cover the entire face. Remember oily skin will make the coverage slip and reduce flawless coverage results.
Fresh clean skin

Cleanse. Tone. APPLY!

  1. Do I need finishing powder?

Not only does fishing powder seal your foundation or concealer it also creates a beautiful waterproof, smudge proof and durable finish. Our uniquely developed powder is also great for blurring fine lines and pores to give an extra-perfect look. Veil Finishing Powder acts as a setting powder to seal the cover cream and give a better look to a flawless coverage. Veil Finishing Powder will produce a shine free look that is perfect for photos or if you prefer a polished everyday look.

To apply press the powder liberally using a cotton ball or powder brush in a gently dabbing motion. It’s really important not to rub the finishing powder as this will result in an uneven coverage. Remove excess powder with a large brush using a downward motion.

  1. Can I use it under my everyday makeup?

Veil Cover Cream can be used as a concealer and or use as a full coverage foundation. If applied correctly and evenly Veil Cover Cream can be used with our Finishing Powder to gain a flawless polished makeup look. No need to add additional products to complete your makeup look as Veil Cover Cream acts as both a concealer or foundation.

  1. Does it look like I’m wearing makeup?

With 40 shades available in our Veil Cover Cream range finding an exact colour match for your skin is easy! By thinly applying a layer at a time you will also to able to see if the product is used too heavily or unevenly. Our cover cream produces a matt finish which gives a natural skin look. Adding the finishing powder as the final step ensures all the shine is reduced and the product is set on your skin. Using colour matching and Veil Finishing Powder will create flawless coverage that doesn’t look like your wearing makeup.  

  1. How good is the coverage?

We believe Veil Cover Cream has the best possible coverage. Our formula has been scientifically produced to ensure scars, birthmarks and even tattoos can be completely covered. The quality of our product as well as the love put in to the manufacturing process is second to none. Coverage is our number one priority and we can happy say that Veil Cover Cream can be worn all day without reapplication and maintaining a flawless coverage.

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