Xanthelasma Concealer Stack with Setting Powder & Brush


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Try our new Xanthelasma concealer stack to hide xanthelasma spots around your eyes. A unique makeup specially designed to cover skin conditions like Xanthelasma. We have included 4 light, medium, or dark shades to help you find your shade, and a colour corrector mauve to ensure your xanthelasma does not show through your makeup. With 24 hour coverage, and flawless waterproof protection, it will look just like your skin! We have also included a fine makeup brush to ensure your coverage is exact to your liking. Product may not be exact to the photos.

LIGHT SHADES: Mauve, Natural Light, Suede, Medium & Oyster with translucent setting powder

MEDIUM SHADES: Mauve, Tan, Almond, Caramel & NO.3 with translucent setting powder

DARK SHADES: Mauve. Warm Coffee, Bourbon, Brown & Walnut with dusk setting powder

Our shades have been tried and tested on many of our customers and truly believe you can match your skin with the colours available. However if you cant, try our colour matching kit to find an exact match today!

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Dark, Light, Medium

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