Veil Cream Makeup to Cover Acne Scars


“From my early teenage years I have suffered with spots. I have always felt very self conscious about them. I have tried many things to help cover them up but nothing has worked as well as Veil. When I am wearing Veil, you can’t even see that I have any spots. Veil has a natural look to it so it’s not obvious I’m wearing make up. Wearing it makes me feel confident and happy in my own skin.”

Veil cream gives you the freedom to be yourself. Hide acne spots easily and effortlessly in 2 easy steps.

1 – Buy the Colour Matching Kit to find your closest skin tone
2 – Follow up and buy the Veil Cream & Powder Combo pack

Colour Matching Kit

$9.99 (Excl. GST)
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Category Sample

You will receive 20 colours in small plastic bags (approx 1g each) plus a sample of our pharmaceutical grade Finishing Powder. Use the small amount of Veil Cream in each bag to determine which colour best suits your skin tone. The most common mistake is to use too much cream.

Veil cream contains up to 50% more pigment than make-up, so very small amounts go a long way. There is enough cream and powder to see effective camouflage over an area at least the size of you palm.

The kit is FREE when you order any additional, full-sized Veil products. (When you purchase the kit you will receive a redemption code for a $9.99 discount, which can be used when purchasing additional Veil products.)

Combo Pack

$129.98 $110.99 (Excl. GST)
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Categories Finishing , Cover Cream

Here's your chance to buy both the Cover Cream (19g) and Finishing Powder (35g) at the seasonal price of $110.99 (usually $129.98).

Make sure you choose the right colour for the Cover Cream and the correct skin tone for the Finishing Powder.

Remember that applying Veil Cover Cream is a simple two-step process. Once you have covered your required blemish with the Cover Cream,  fix it by applying our specially formulated Finishing Powder to give you a smudge-proof, waterproof and durable finish that will last 24hrs.

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